Children’s Charity Fund “Rainbow”

Dear visitors! All our charitable activities are based on the enthusiasm, inspiration and self-funding of our initiative group in our spare time.  Please write, call, and offer any suggestions, ideas or services. Please support or join us!

Every child believes in miracles, and hopes for beautiful life events. One of such miracles is a family. But there are children, who by virtue of life circumstances have been deprived of parental care and love.

Our initiative team supports 2 Social and Rehabilitation Centers for Minors in the cities of Tomari and Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, inhabiting children aging from 3 to 18 years old, and also supports 4 disabled children.

  • We arrange holidays, art master classes for children;
  • hold entertaining-educative exhibitions to places of interest;
  • acquire presents for holidays;
  • take part in charity campaign “Prepare a child for school”;
  • give support and care to make the children feel loved and happy.

We would thank you very much for any of your aid which will help us with:

  • purchase of gifts for children for New Year, Defender of the Fatherland Day, Women’s Day;
  • acquisition of stationer and materials for arts and crafts;
  • invitation of entertainers for running holidays and events;
  • purchase of children used clothes, footwear, toys;

We would also appreciate very much anyone willing to:

  • hold master classes on days off: games, sculpture, painting, educative training;
  • help us in any way possible.

In 2015 we became the winner of the regional contest “Charity of the year 2014” in nomination “Arrangement of high social effectiveness”, in 2016 we got a diploma for participation in “Charity of the year 2015”.

Non-Commercial Organization

Children’s Charity Fund “Rainbow”

Main State Register Number 1156500000040

Call us, e-mail us! You will get response in Russian, as well as in English

 We are sincerely grateful to all our partners for their help!

To do good is simple!

Раскрасим детство во все цвета Радуги!